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When you own outdoor furniture it is common sense to do what you can to take care of that investment. Whether it is patio or deck furniture that cost a lot of money or not does not matter. To get the most of what you have investing in outdoor furniture covers makes sense. Your rattan table or wicker chairs will last longer and look better so that you, your family and your guests can enjoy them whenever the weather suits. They are also a great way to ensure your outdoors areas are ready to be used should unexpected guests drop in.

Why Outdoor Furniture Covers?

There are several things outdoor furniture covers can protect your outdoor furniture from. Primarily they will stop them getting dirty, stopping sand, grit and dirt from getting on them. This is especially useful if you live in an area that is dry with a lot of sunshine as dust has a tendency to get everywhere. As the small particles build they can get into crevices and cause mold that can destroy the furniture and is not good for your health. A decent set of covers will stop those particles building up, prevent layers of dust getting into the furniture and preserve it all.

Outdoor furniture cover review

Another reason outdoor furniture covers offer a necessary protection is if you have pets. Animals have a tendency to sleep or sit wherever they want to! While you are not using your outdoor furniture they may well be, which means pet hair can build up as well as less welcome things like fleas and larger debris. To save you having to clean your furniture each time you get the dog off it, or from having to check it for dead fleas you can use outdoor furniture covers. Then if these things get covered in hair it is a lot easier to deal with than your actual furniture. And guests do not have to try and rub hair off to avoid getting it on their clothes when they come over.

Where To Get Outdoor Furniture Covers

You can get outdoor furniture covers from a number of places and there are a large variety of manufacturers offering various styles and materials. Try to shop around so you find something that best suits you and you can get a better deal. There is even the option to get a specialist company to design customized furniture covers for you if you want something specific that fits more closely.

When shopping make sure you first look at the material. You want something in a heavy gauge polyester of a minimum 600 denier and it should be coated so that it is weather resistant, meaning not just water proof but also protects from the sun’s UV rays. Try to buy something of good quality as if you get something less you will find the sun causes cracks, it will fade, or freeze when it gets too cold and will not protect your furniture anymore. Ideally try to avoid materials like plastic or vinyl in particular for your outdoor furniture covers as these are more prone to damage especially if you live in a climate that is prone to extreme changes in weather.

What To Consider When Getting Outdoor Furniture Covers

Another thing to think about is making sure you allow some venting so that heat and damp have a way to get out. If you have covers that do not allow ventilation the moisture and heat can build up inside and this leads to mold. This is a concern even in the winter months, as the sun can still be warm shining down on that material if it is not a good quality.

There are two main options to think about when it comes to keeping those covers on the furniture. For a closer fit you can get covers that come with ties that you tie onto the legs and arm rests, or you can just get slip on covers that have a looser fit. The former will protect the arm rests, backs and seats and the latter will cover the whole piece of furniture.

Try to stick to buying from manufacturers that specialize in this area even if the price is a little more. Yes plastic and vinyl covers can be found a lot easier for less money, but if you have to keep replacing them every year or two you may as well invest in a decent set of outdoor furniture covers. You get better craftsmanship this way and hopefully better customer service too. Try to think of the covers as armor for your outdoor furniture and invest in something strong and durable in polyester. It not only makes sense from a practical standpoint in can also be aesthetically pleasing too as there are many covers that look beautiful and elegant while protecting your furniture outside.

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